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Having been a yoga teacher for the last two decades, I have had the opportunity to branch out and master many different yoga practices. However, over the previous ten years, my journey as a yoga teacher took an entirely different turn when I discovered the practice of Yin Yoga, where my speciality lies. An approach based on ancient Chinese philosophies and Taoist principles. Discovering Yin Yoga felt like a breath of fresh air, like Magic. A new approach towards feeling your body and its needs, releasing stagnation blockages, and allowing Qi (chi, energies, emotions, blood, lymphatic fluid,…) to flow, move & circulate again. Practising the Yin as a ritual, continually growing more assertive, like roots of a tree into the earth, grounding and enhanced. When we listen, we give space for what is. We slow down.The mastery to fully connect, to listen with care to your body’s needs. This all became clear for me when I discovered Yin. Yin works as a support system guiding you towards your next conscious breath.

My approach to guidance stimulates one to feel and connect with their needs rather than be in motion. Remind ourselves that we are human beings, not human doing. Regardless of time and place. Reminding ourselves that Yin is accessible, attainable, and always there for you.

Feel welcome.

in a few words

My passion, my work is focused mainly on Yin (Yoga). Still, I am also well oriented in Gua sha, aromatherapy, the five elements, and the Essential Feminine Wisdom (Living your woman cycle) all of which can be found in our page practices. These practices are used to guide you towards a Yin Yang equilibrium. 


Our mindset is to adapt to every individual, honour individuality, encourage everyone to find their needs and create a safe environment free of judgment and obligation. 

 Whether you have experience or not, the practices of Yin (Yoga, Gua sha, The Five Elements, the Essential Feminine Wisdom) is a universal practice and requires no previous experience, knowledge or education/wisdom.

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."

— Khalil Gibran