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The perception of ginger

Think twice about your daily ginger shot.

Think before you drink…⁠

Like everything we eat, drink, also as every information we listen to, we read. Invite yourself to feel if it suites you, and for how long?

Enjoy the reading..

It’s true – ginger is an incredible food and medicinal herb with a laundry list of proven health benefits. ⁠

In Chinese medicine it is used in both fresh and dried skin or flesh forms to ease nausea, improve digestion, and warm the body. ⁠

It’s also true that ginger is HOT! ???? It has a strong, spicy flavor that is very moving and energizing.⁠

This is why we love cooking with ginger in the fall, winter and early spring when we need a little more warmth and stimulation. ⁠

But now that it’s full spring too much ginger can easily throw off our balance and make our bodies too hot or heated. This is especially the case when we take a concentrated form of the herb, as with a ginger shot. ⁠

Taking a ginger shot at night causes your Qi to rise and interfere with your normal sleep cycle. (Hello, insomnia and irritability). ⁠

Bottom Line?⁠
Enjoy ginger seasonally and in moderation. Seasoning your meals with a little ginger is very different from a whole shot of concentrated juice! ⁠

And.. always consider how ginger or any food or herb will affect your unique constitution. ⁠

The same goes for other “cure-all” superfoods like turmeric and ginseng. Remember: No single ingredient is right for all people all the time. ⁠

Stay curious and balanced, friends✌️⁠

Source: Fiveseasonstcm

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