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WHY & HOW USING Aroma-Therapy? (12min)

WHY & HOW USING Aroma-Therapy?
  1. In your diffuser to spoil your senses and your nervous system.
  2. In your tea (hot water). Tastes delicious and is so a pure way of taking the best of what nature offers you.
  3. On your skin, as an extra treat in your body and face cream. It rejuvenates your skin
  4. Easy to travell with, they come in 5ml or 15 ml or in 10 ml rollers bottles.


  • Spoils your brains & nervous system.

Wild orange ess oil:

  • Cheers you up, relaxes you and delicious in hot water or in your porridge

Deep blue rub cream & essential oil roller:

  • THE ´Crème the la crème’ Cream. A must have in every sportive family household.
  • Relieves muscle & joint aches & pain.
  • The deep blue roller is super handy to travel with.

Serenity RESTFUL softgels:

  • A combination of well-researched relaxing beneficial ess oils such as chamomile, lavender & L-theanine.
  • To promote a gentle and relaxed sleep.

Peace ess oil blend:

  • The blend we all want to GIVE ourselves, don’t we?
  • Feels like a WARM hug to our heart centre.

Clary Calm blend roller:

  • Enhances any small issues related to your hormones, like brain fog, bloating, mood swings, …

Lavender ess oil roller:

  • The Universal most well known Essential Oil.
  • Calms the busy mind down & soothes skin irritation.

Ginger ess oil:

  • Easy to travel with to
  • Support your digestive track

Tamer digestive kids blend:

  • At dōTERRA they have created a kids collection.
  • This blend (mix of specific researched ess oils) one eases upset tummies too.

Air blend:

  • Opens your airways, easy breathing & support your respiratory system.
  • An amazing combo of Eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, ravensara, Tea tree ess oils.

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