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Wind: The evil of spring

‘In nature, The winds of Spring cleans up everything, which is not needed of the Winter, to live the Spring season.’ On a physical level, but allow yourself to use it also on an emotional level.

Wind, feng, 风 The “evil” of spring. Here’s what it means for your health…⁠

In TCM, there are six environmental factors that lead to disease. ⁠ Now, we’re moving into a new season and will be facing a new environmental “evil” – Wind! ⁠Wind is associated with the Liver and the Wood element. While it can happen in any season, it is most common or destructive in spring (think gusty spring gales and tornados). ⁠

There are two types of wind: exogenous (or external/environmental) and internal:
⁠External wind attacks the upper or more superficial parts of the body (the head, nape of neck, skin for example). ⁠ → Think allergies, headaches, runny nose, sweating, dry skin. ⁠
Internal wind occurs when the body’s internal environment stirs movement. This usually happens when there is too much heat or Yang energy, or not enough fluid or yin aspect. ⁠
→ think spasms, seizures, dizziness, itchiness, wandering pain. ⁠

How can you protect yourself against Wind?⁠

  • Protect your neck from wind by wearing a scarf when you go outside⁠
  • Stay hydrated and eat balancing foods for your constitution⁠
  • Support your Liver by getting enough rest and exercise.⁠
  • Take herbs that nourish the Liver and calm Liver wind (like goji berries and Liver Care TCM Tonic Bags)⁠

Source: Fiveseasonstcm

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